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Process Mining Centre of Excellence

Process mining is an analytical technique used to understand processes using event data. Patient events and interactions are examples of event data that can be analysed using process mining to help health and care organisations uncover what truly happens in patient journeys.

Health and care organisations have been working on understanding their patient journeys to improve patient outcomes and experience for many years across all areas. Prior to process mining, the tools and techniques used have been focussed around one-off process mapping exercises and analysis on a limited dataset due to the huge amount of resources required to complete these analysis.

Through the application of process mining on patient event data, innovators in the NHS are now analysing complete datasets in a matter of days, hours or minutes to visualise end-to-end patient journeys. ICSs can uncover opportunities to better resource allocation, Trusts are able to interrogate exceptions to patient journeys and health and care organisations can identify specific improvements to care co-ordination for patients.

This Centre of Excellence will enable the scale and spread of process mining initiatives across health and care. To achieve this, we will deliver a growing range of proofs of concept, working with ICSs, local health and care organisations and leaders in process mining for healthcare, Logan Tod & Co, AGEM CSU and others.

Via the AnalystX community of practice, the Centre of Excellence will help develop a range of tools and capabilities for leaders, business users and the analytics community to rapidly adopt useful and relevant practices.

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