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AnalystX Patient Flow Challenge Series

Learn to use process mining tools to identify patient flow insights in our challenge series.


Every process recorded from Patient Arrival to Discharge to ward

  • AnalystX Process Mining
  • AnalystX Process Mining

Accurate updates for Patient and Patient Carer/Family

  • AnalystX Process Mining

Process Mining data model

  • Flat file
  • Process Mining Data Model

What to expect

Our expert team will provide you with theatre workflow data from a theatre command centre and show you how to use process mining tools to interrogate the data to identify data errors, opportunities to optimise resource allocation and reduce unwarranted variations.

The Challenge will take up to 3 hours consisting of learning, practical data interrogation and feedback. You will be expected to complete the Challenge as a Theatre team.

How to participate

Our team will support NHS Theatre teams currently working on improving theatre flow, productivity or patient safety to explore how process mining insights can help.

You will need be a multi-disciplinary Theatre team consisting of at least one clinical, one operational and one analytics professional to take part. Your team must be ready to commit 3 hours to attend the Challenge which can be delivered at your Trust.

Please get in touch to find out more or register your interest